Revenue Sharing

Most people make little or no money on the Internet and would be happy just to make a little extra spending money each month. If your goal is to make money every day, increase profit, or to start making money, Our revenue sharing sites is just what you need. If you can write a articles about nternet products and companies, you can make money every day, like we do.

Use of the Revenue Sharing Program requires that the User maintain a valid Google AdSense account, and that the User Authorized posts meets Google’s guidelines. is not responsible for (a) cancellation of a User’s Google AdSense account due to any breach by or on behalf of the User by the terms of service of Google AdSense; (b) the consequences of Google AdSense publisher IDs that are entered invalidly.

The Revenue Sharing Program uses a SoA function to select the publisher ID on the basis of the posts author. You acknowledge that the nature of the function guarantee an 100% revenue on your post.

Click Here to Join Our Revenue sharing Program. or You can sign in Through you Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace of Aol Account.

The Slot in the post displays your ad to give you maximum revenue for the work that you have contributed. You must be thinking what is the benefit that we are going to get out of this, well we will also be displaying ads on the other places on the page (other than your fixed slots) to manage our hosting and maintenance expenses.

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