Microsoft Unveils OneApp Software for Feature Phones


Microsoft is preparing to launch software for GPRS “feature phones”  in developing markets around the world. The software will allow the light, low-cost phones to  support Twitter, Facebook and other Internet content, bringing popular app content to phones that would otherwise be unable to offer it. Feature phones are an inexpensive smartphone alternative that combine calling and one or two other applications. The software called OneApp will be unveiled in South Africa, and Microsoft plans to extend it to other nations where feature phones are popular including India and China.  Amit Mital, corporate vice president of the Unlimited Potential Group and Startup Business Accelerator at Microsoft, had this to say: “”We designed OneApp from the ground up on feature phones with very limited memory and processing capabilities. OneApp will be able to help people do things they couldn’t do before with their feature phone — anything from paying their bills to helping diagnose their health issues or just staying connected with friends and family.” [via Yahoo Tech]

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