MAPTOR Combines a Projector and Mapping GPS Into One


Shaving some size and weight off the average GPS handheld or foldable map, MAPTOR, designed by Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park, displays your maps via a pico projector no larger than a tiny flashlight. The concept includes a built-in GPS receiver that provides you with a little red dot of your location, so that you can quickly get your bearings. The device is designed to fit in a pocket or be worn on a lanyard. Pull it out, aim your map onto a nearby surface, whether it be your hand or a wall, adjust the map dimensions and zoom with the flick of a button, and get your directions in seconds. Since it’s only a concept, you won’t have to actually decide, but would you buy a standalone device like this or wait for technology to be built into a smartphone with projector? It’s certainly an innovative, useful idea, but seems like it might duplicate what you already get elsewhere without adding enough to justify the extra money.[via Walyou]


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